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We currently have the following items for sale:

Phesant Sheds

Second hand 8'x8' pheasant sheds with 8'x8' night shelters.

Only 2 seasons old


Raised Partridge Verandas

Second hand, or new 8'x8' with 8'x12' run.

Other sizes also available.


350cc Agricultural Quad Bike

Well maintained, good runner.

£1000 ono

Pen Sections & Accessories

10 or 12' by 4,5 or 6' with or without gates.
We also stock 5½' half or quarter round stakes, ideal for erecting pens.

Pen sections (plain), from £16
Pen sections (with gate), from £20
5½' Posts, from 60p

Water Bowser

Holds approx. 150 gallons.

Comes with fully working 910 l/h pump.


Feeders / Drinkers

New or second hand feeders & drinkers available.

Various styles.

Blue barrel style, from £15
Trough style £20

Beaters Wagon / Gun Bus

'Comfortably' carries 20 beaters plus dogs.
Excellent runner, only used 20 days/year.

Tax: N/A (exempt)
MOT: N/A (exempt, limited use)


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